Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an excellent addition to your existing health regimen. Hypnotropia works under referral with your doctor, dentist, psychologist or other licensed health practitioner to reinforce, empower, and support the treatments you receive from them. The progress made during and after the period under their care can be enhanced through careful and expert application of hypnotic suggestion, therapeutic imagery, breathwork, and meditation. We provide recordings to all our clients which are designed to be used after the services are complete, so you can learn to use the techniques we teach on your own. This means that stress, discomfort, and limitation are all things which you can learn to manage yourself, and Hypnotropia can show you how. 

Hypnotropia holds Specialty Certifications for:

  • Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

  • Tinnitus (Chronic Ear Ringing)

  • ADD/ADHD and Hypnosis

  • PTSD and Hypnosis

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis

  • Pain Management with Hypnosis

  • Stress Release

  • Imagery for Life Passages

  • Imagery for Terminal Illnesses

  • Hospice Care Hypnosis and Imagery

  • Hypno-Anesthesia for Surgery or Dentistry

  • Anxiety Control

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Bed Wetting

  • Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) 

  • Mind/Body Connection

  • Greif and Depression

Some issues may require a referral from your medical doctor or psychotherapist. Hypnotherapists are not licensed as healing arts practitioners.