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         Businesses succeed when their employees can work as a team with achieving specific goals in mind. Hypnotropia can help you foster the desired business environment by teaching your employees how to build and maintain momentum in sales, attract success, communicate effectively with clients, and overcome their perceived limitations through self-hypnosis. With Handwriting Analysis by Ian R. Anderson you can identify which potential employees will best match your open positions, before you hire them. This can not only reduce conflict in the workplace but also reduces training time and turnover rates.

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The Mental Bank

         The Subconscious Mind is a goal machine, constantly realizing its goals based on our current subconscious life script, whether we are happy with it or not. It is important to realize that we are all successful right now, the questions is: are we successful at winning or losing? With a losing script, we become successful at failing, quitting, procrastinating and getting in our own way. With a winning script, we are successful at earning, growing, and achieving more and more, building on past successes to create new triumphs.

         The Mental Bank is a process created by Dr. John G. Kappas, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, which utilizes the synergistic effects caused by combining the 5 elements essential to changing your relationship and associations to the idea of Success. This program is the culmination of over 30 years of experience in the field of Subconscious and Behavioral Re-programming.

          If you are tired of watching true success pass you by, if you want to see your sales grow to never-before-seen levels, if you want a tool that goes beyond the limits of 'Positive Thinking' so you can see real results, then the Mental Bank is right for your business. Ian R. Anderson, C.Ht. and Hypnotropia will come to your place of business to teach The Mental Bank Concept to your team and provide all the materials needed so you can begin rewriting the script to your life right away!


Mental Bank Concept materials include (one per guest):


Success is not an Accident: The Mental Bank Concept by John G. Kappas, Ph.D.


The Mental Bank Ledger - Workbook


*Mental Bank seminars are also available via online conferences. Contact us today!

Los Angeles Hypnotherapist
Los Angeles Hypnotherapist
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