What is Hypnosis?

          Simply put, Hypnosis is a state of openness or receptivity to ideas, concepts, suggestions or images. We all go into a form hypnosis naturally every night when we put ourselves to sleep. When induced by a trained expert it results in a deeply relaxed yet focused and alert state of mind where almost anything becomes possible. It is the most effective, and by far the most empowering way, of gaining access to the subconscious images and archetypal forms within the deeper areas of our consciousness. While in the Hypnotic State, the subconscious mind becomes porous while the conscious mind enters a state of abeyance, allowing a trained facilitator and client the opportunity to replace old negative habits, self-defeating patterns, fears and phobias, or incorrect ways of thinking with more constructive, healthy and positive patterns of thinking and behavior. With Hypnotherapy, you and your trusted facilitator will use this wonderful, open state of mind to block you from any negative influences and open you up to abundance, success, happiness and balance!

Why use Hypnotherapy?

             Have you ever wished you could change something about your life? If so, then Hypnotherapy may be right for you. Hypnotherapy is for people with goals. The subconscious mind is a goal machine that creates whatever results it has been programmed to expect or believe you are worthy or capable of having. The problem is, our lives sometimes set us up with faulty or ineffective expectations and levels of self-worth. These expectations become patterns and limitations that can only be effectively overcome by taking control over the information that resides within the subconscious mind. We often have many ideas about how our life should be, and consciously, we want to meet those ideals. but if the subconscious is not in line with what the conscious mind wants, conflict is created which the subconscious mind will always win. The most effective way to meet your highest goals is to get the subconscious mind and the conscious mind to work together so you can create a life based on your highest vision of the world and your place in it. That is the power of Hypnotherapy!

How is it different from traditional therapy?

                  The main difference between Hypnotherapy and traditional forms of talk therapy is that Hypnotherapy is mainly for the majority of people who have no serious psychological disorders, but want to live a fuller, happier and more meaningful life. There are some other major differences, however. Unlike traditional talk therapy, which is entirely conscious, Hypnotherapy provides quick access to the subconscious mind where more than 98% of your mental power lies. Instead of using the 2% of your mental power which makes up the conscious mind, we can help you use 100% of your mental power by getting your subconscious mind and conscious mind working together to achieve your goals and manifest your truest desires. When you realize that all of your patterns, habits, behaviors and associations (positive and negative) exist within the subconscious mind, it becomes obvious why creating change can be so difficult. When we consciously know we want something, but the subconscious mind is not on board with that desire, its 98% will over-power the 2% of the conscious mind almost every time. With Hypnotherapy, you can decide what stays and what goes, what enters and what is released from the subconscious mind to remove any blocks to your success, whatever your goals may be.

Some issues may require a referral from your medical doctor or psychotherapist. Hypnotherapists are not licensed as healing arts practitioners.