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Hi Everyone,

This is Ian R. Anderson, C.Ht., C.H.A. posting to update you on an upcoming project that will be fascinating, enlightening and a lot of fun. My friend and colleague, Cyn Severson, C.Ht. and I are putting together a workshop focused on activating the Pineal Gland to turn on your ability to access previously hidden truth, altered states of consciousness and to open your life to the full potential of your own unlimited awareness. Because of our disconnection from nature, each other, our past, and our purpose, most of us have lost our most powerful tool for perceiving and learning about ourselves and this beautiful and incomprehensibly large universe we live in. With these tools and techniques we will show you how to awaken your inner shaman so you can begin to explore dimensions of experience that have been hidden from most of humanity for thousands of years. Bookmark this site so you can stay updated on when this exciting workshop will be offered.

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