Shamanic Journey: Chichen Itza


Hello all my hypno-friends. I will be making a pilgrimage to the Yucatan Peninsula this July to visit the ancient Mayan sacred site of Chichen Itza! I will be there to study the sacred geometry first hand and make a shamanic journey to the lower and upper worlds to see what wisdom and allies can be gained and brought back to the technological realm so we can integrate the archaic and novel worlds even more. We need the shamanic wisdom of our ancient past to inform our choices and decisions which are becoming more important and critical by the day. We are the ones (and our children) who will decide whether this path we are on will lead as all to destruction or the stars. We must look to the past to find what has worked, look into ourselves to find what we value most, let go of the ego and the lies which have been used to cloud our judgment, and make the present the best it can be, or our future world will be one full of fear and suffering. Since we create our world together, an act of will, of Love, and clear intention can create a whole new experience which is in alignment with our own highest vision. We are all responsible to do what we can. This is why Shamanism is so important in our world today. It is a personal path of revelation and empowerment. Stay tuned for photos and updates on the journey. Thank you and best wishes.

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