New Podcast Launched!

Hypnotropia's new podcast, "Messages from the Multiverse" is ready and the first episode - Propaganda and Suggestibility - is already available! The Multiverse is speaking to you, and you can hear its messages at SoundCloud or by clicking the "New Podcast" button to the right. You can also SUBSCRIBE to "Messages from the Multiverse" in the iTunes store by clicking HERE! If you are on an iOS portable device, open your Podcasts App and search for "Messages from the Multiverse". I invite you all to listen. We will be covering tons of interesting and extremely important topics. Most of the episodes will be interview style with many fascnating guests, and some will be monologue or lecture style with your host, Ian R. Anderson, C.Ht., C.H.A.. If you or someone you know would make a good guest, we are always accepting recommendations as well as requests. As the show grows, more and more people will be willing to come on and share their stories, expertise, philosophies and ideas. We are not only open to people who specialize in specific things, but also people who have had interesting and different experiences, people with original ideas and anyonne else who wants to share in the spreading of Multiverse Consciousness. Let's take the Human Race into the Multiverse, there is a whole lot of space out there to explore, and I invite you to join me in exploring it!

Until next time, honor yourselves, your fellow humans, and our Planet Earth! Be well everyone!

Best wishes,

Ian R. Anderson, C.Ht., C.H.A.

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