Episode 16 - Personal Power and Creativity w/ Tribal Baroque

This new episode with musical duo, Tribal Baroque, was an amazing experience. In it, you will here 2 recordings of their music, one recorded live in San Diego, and one from their album "Heaven Scent". We cover many interesting topics, such as: Alchemy of Creativity, Transmuting Negative Emotions into Creative Energy, the importance of Creativity, and the Spiritual Experience of being Tribal Baroque. "Messages from the Multiverse" can be found on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play Music Store, Stitcher and on this website by clicking the title of the show at the top of the page. Follow the following link to be directed to the SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/messagesfromthemultiverse/episode-16-personal-power-and-creativity-messages-from-the-multiverse

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